Kaiju alien monster (Pacific Rim trailer shots)

giant alien monsters from the movie
directed by Guillermo del Toro

Kaiju (genre)

"Kaiju is a Japanese word that means "strange beast," but it's often translated in English as "monster". It may refer to any bizarre creature, but in recent times kaiju is typically associated with a genre of films originally made popular in Japan in the 1950's. The most famous kaiju is Godzilla. Other well-known kaiju include Mothra, Anguirus, Rodan, Gamera and King Ghidorah.

Guillermo del Toro's upcoming film Pacific Rim is an homage to Japanese kaiju films." (wikia)


Bridge Troll concept (by jeffsimpsonkh)

Early Troll Concepts for the movie Snow White and the Huntsman

"Some early troll concepts I did for Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman....did these back in late 2010 early 2011"

Troll (Snow White and the Huntsman 2012)

from the movie
Snow White and the Huntsman

(...) When they are attacked by a Troll, Eric tells Snow White to run as he tries to fight off the beast. Not willing to leave him behind, Snow White stops the troll by standing in its path. The troll sees good in her, maybe purity of heart, and leaves. Eric reprimands her for not doing what he said, but she says he would have been killed if she had left... (wiki)

Azhi Dahaki

Azhi Dahaki
Three headed Persian dragon

This fearsome monster had three heads, three jaws and six eyes; his his body was filled with lizards, scorpions and other foul reptiles. If he weer ever cut open, these venomous creatures would infect the world.

Read More: http://dragons.monstrous.com/azhi_dahaki.htm#ixzz2Es5SmMR6 

Landstrider (The Dark Crystal 1982)

The Dark Crystal (1982)

The Landstriders are gentle but very protective creatures in the world of Thra. They are very tall reaching up to a height of at least 20 feet tall for the adults and the offspring at least a height of 10 feet tall. They are designed to run as fast as the wind due to their long legs.

They have tooth-like projections running down the caudal side of their upper forelimbs that are used for defense. They have thick whisker-like projections on their faces, and some strange projections that resemble rabbit ears that appear to be extensions of the scapula. When the Landstriders come into battle they have an appendage-like stinger that comes out of their mouth. When they duel with their enemy, The Garthim, they let the stinger come out. When the creatures whip their head and send their stingers flying they send a jolt of electricity through their enemy wherever they sting them. They also use their long weapon like legs to push or hit the Garthim over.

Skeksis (The Dark Crystal 1982)

The Dark Crystal (1982)

The Skeksis are spawns of the species UrSkeks who took control of Thra after a tumultuous conflict with theMystics who also spawned from UrSkeks during the burning light emitted from the Crystal during the lastGreat Conjunction.

When prophecies revealed that the Skeksis tyranny would end when the missing shard of the Dark Crystal is one day found and restored by the Gelfling people, the evil Skeksis race took the Gelfling tribe by force. With the help of their tribe of Garthim warriors they manage to kill all but two survivors, Jen and Kira. The Skeksis placed several copies of the missing shard all over the mountain of Thra, in hopes that the Gelfling would never be able to restore the natural order of their world and the Skesksis rule would last for all eternity. The wicked Skeksis live off of the essence of others, which they obtain from the captured Gelflings and Podlings. (wikia)

Garthim (The Dark Crystal 1982)

Garthims from the movie
The Dark Crystal 

Garthim are the loyal soldiers of the Skeksis. They appear to be Golem-like creatures that are animated through the power of the dark crystal. When the dark power of the crystal was healed the Garthim fell apart to reveal nothing but hollow shells. They were probably created by the Skeksis themselves after the shattering of the crystal to serve and protect them. The Garthim were used by the Skekses to carry out genocide against the Gelfling race.
The Garthim are insect-like resembling large beetles or crabs. They have thick shells which protect them from all but the most brutal of blows. However they also appear weak to magical weapons. Jen managed to fight off a Garthim by stabbing its claw with the crystal shard. In the "Legends of the Dark Crystal" Manga, Lahrdiscovered that Garthim could be killed by attacking weak spots in the armor with weapons.

The Garthim have little to no intelligence and follow all orders given by the Skeksis. They willingly followed the orders of the Chamberlain even after he was exiled. They are however aware of a command structure between the Skeksis and will follow the orders of the emperor above all others.

They can also be commanded by the mystics, to a limited capacity. This is probably due to the link that the Skeksis and Mystics share.

The main function of the Garthim is to raid Podling villages and collect them for slavery. (wikia)